The Magic of the Meeting Moment ~ Excerpt page 11


My hope is that many of You have had the experience of meeting a person and being really, really, really drawn to them…   …whether it be a rememberance, a strong magnetic connection, a unifying connection,  a Magical connection, a Love-at-first sight connection, a warm glow, etc.  and even perhaps a combination of attractions and connections.

Whether this be in a potential romance, a brother to brother, brother to sister, sister to sister, sister to brother, friend to friend, etcetera connection, … as a Kahuna Friend of mine says “It no matta”.

Perhaps it was consciously arranged thru a friend, maybe it was synchronistic, perhaps You saw it as a sign, even heavenly inspired, or by “Divine Plan”, it really doesn’t matter at all.

The meaning  has no matter either.

What does matter is that it moves/moved You in some very
highly significant and unifying way!!!   IT JUST IS!


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