SURRENDERING to “THE LOVE” ~ Excerpt page 22

Contrary to many beliefs, Surrender is not about “defeat”.
Surrender is about lifting into “Living in THE LOVE”.

As earlier stated “THE LOVE” is what some folks call Allah, Consciousness, Prime Creator, The Force, God, Universe, etc. It’s All the Same All That Is   … in Unification, The ONE.

When we Surrender to THE LOVE, we are placing ourselves in an Energy that Allows/ Welcomes us to BE the Onement (the ONE-meant).

I have come to Know Bliss thru Surrender. It truly is Experience-tial. Surrender (ever releasing my Will) comes in layers, like the proverbial peeling off the layers of an onion, until I am at the core of it all, which is emptiness, the void, nothing; yet Fullness. My eyes may get teary; and thru Surrender tears are Golden Tears of Joy.

        “It is the Quality of your Consciousness at the Moment which is the main determinant of what kind of future You will experience.
“No truly positive action can arise out of a state of Consciousness un-Surrendered.
“Surrender is the most important thing You can do to bring about positive change.
“Any action You  take is secondary”
~ Eckhart Tolle


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